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As farms are extremely diverse in terms of their field characteristics and their resources, different systems offer virtually infinite scope to unlock their potential. Understanding them, planning and implementing the necessary technological steps, as well as the impact of all these on the results, is a process that takes years, and the services of our complex consultancy system and KITE’s consultants are at your side throughout. They cover not only the planning of various seasonal works, but also long-term agronomic, technical and IT investments and the management of human resources. However, almost every farm encounter problem that require complex planning to solve, and have an impact on all future production cycles, but can be implemented in a timely and well-defined manner. We have developed specific services to address these problems.


Services related to decision-making support

Creation of a database

Site analysis

Determination of productivity

NDVI-based zoning

Multipolygon zoning

Soil sampling

Soil measurements

Nutrient management planning

Soil improvement

Variable rate fertilizer application

Planning of variable rate planting

Variable depth tillage


Irrigation scheduling

Plant protection forecasting

Services related to technology monitoring

RTK signal service

Creation of a database

Documentation setup

User training

MyJohnDeereTM user account setup

MyJohnDeereTM remote monitoring

Precision machine-operation reports

Operational data

Remote display access

Satellite-based vegetation monitoring

Field-level drone data collection

Dryer monitoring

Services related to analysis

Preparation of field-level analyses

Analysis of on-site machine data, consultation

Satellite-based site analysis

Machine combination optimization

Precision machine-operation data analysis

Expert check

Drone data analysis

Satellite-based yield-map generation

Preparation of a profitability map



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