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About Us

With its complex portfolio and innovative services, KITE plays a pioneering role in the modernization of agriculture. As a market-leading agricultural integrator, it coordinates and finances arable field production, catalyzes producer cooperation, provides consultancy services, and carries out product and technological developments. It provides innovative agricultural solutions to farmers through the widespread dissemination of precision and soil conservation technologies.

More about KITE

The KITE brand has more than 50 years of history. Its main objectives have remained unchanged since its inception: to become familiar with world-class scientific achievements and to learn, apply and disseminate new technologies, modern production tools and farm management practices in agriculture. KITE Zrt. is now ready for change; within the framework of a program set up more than a decade ago, our experts have been working on the development and operation of a Precision Farming System that ensures the sustainability, through complex solutions that harmonize the needs of the soil, the crop and the farmers. It has become part of our daily practice to apply digital technology in agriculture and to promote the widespread use of precision and soil-friendly farming through a complex range of offers, extended consultancy services, and education and training programs.

All over the country

The company’s central office is located in Nádudvar, while its commercial and service network is organized into 20 sub-centers in five regions, covering the full territory of the country. Through the nationally available Precision Farming System, our partners can quickly and easily access support information that they can use to make the best and most efficient decisions for their farming business. In order to ensure the highest level of precision services and to disseminate cultivation technology, technical, as well as informatics and information technology applications that increase the efficiency of crop production, machinery operation and farm management, KITE's Priority Services Department was established as a new organizational unit in 2021. The company currently provides precision farming consultancy on more than 650,000 hectares nationwide, with 120 employees being at the service of more than 1,000 partners.


For more than 50 years, we have travelled the world in order to put the innovations and developments we find at the service of Hungarian agriculture. Sustainability, food safety and the need to coexist with the natural environment represent major challenges for agriculture in the 21st century - challenges that the sector is unable to meet if simply left to its own devices. KITE has recognized the opportunity behind this challenge for farmers and created a PGR for this very reason, innovatively combining decades of practical experience with the tools of today. Information technology has given us a helping hand by structuring existing and measurable data, providing means for evaluating such data and for using it in planning, via apps designed to complement the relevant technological processes.


Data-driven agricultural practice cannot exist without a high-level knowledge and expertise of the foundations of the profession. That is why we place great emphasis on ensuring that our team members have appropriate expertise and are continuously trained so that they can always be available to meet the requirements of the modern day and the expectations of our partners.

How can we help you?

Choosing the right tools with
our PGR consultant

To optimize resources, our consultants will help you at the outset to choose the right tractor and equipment, input materials and decision-support applications for precision farming.

Setting up accesses and
start of use of the system

For data security, a unique access ID code is set for each of our PGR partners. Once the services have been activated, our partners will receive detailed training on how to use the system professionally.

Daily use,
additional services if required

Our partners can count on the help of our consultants when using the system on a daily basis. In order to meet your needs as and when they arise, we help you to select and professionally implement the most appropriate additional services.


To get the benefits of the PGR, contact us for more information and make the best use of what the system has to offer!