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PGR access

The introduction of a Precision Farming System can be an important milestone for a farming business. Regardless of the size of your farm, you can find apps to make it more efficient. Configure your PGR access with the help of our consultants to best suit your needs!


For more than 50 years, we have travelled the world in order to put the innovations and developments we find at the service of Hungarian agriculture. Sustainability, food safety and the need to coexist with the natural environment represent major challenges for agriculture in the 21st century - challenges that the sector is unable to meet if simply left to its own devices. KITE has recognized the opportunity behind this challenge for farmers and created a PGR for this very reason, innovatively combining decades of practical experience with the tools of today. Information technology has given us a helping hand by structuring existing and measurable data, providing means for evaluating such data and for using it in planning, via apps designed to complement the relevant technological processes.

What are the benefits of PGR?

Data integrated in the system

Access your farm’s management data from anywhere, anytime, in one place

Cost optimization

Use the system to make sure all your costs go on achieving better results

Live contact

Get help from consultants in person and by phone every step of the way

Integrated into the technology

A service that can be applied regardless of the crop and the method of cultivation

Modular design

Apps that can be used in a standalone way ensure step-by-step implementation


Not just for the large-scale farms, but it can be implemented and used on fields as small as 1 hectare


To get the benefits of the PGR, contact us for more information and make the best use of what the system has to offer!


Services related to decision-making support

Creation of a database

Site analysis

Determination of productivity

NDVI-based zoning

Multipolygon zoning

Soil sampling

Soil measurements

Nutrient management planning

Soil improvement

Variable rate fertilizer application

Planning of variable rate planting

Variable depth tillage


Irrigation scheduling

Plant protection forecasting

Services related to technology monitoring

RTK signal service

Creation of a database

Documentation setup

User training

MyJohnDeereTM user account setup

MyJohnDeereTM remote monitoring

Precision machine-operation reports

Operational data

Remote display access

Satellite-based vegetation monitoring

Field-level drone data collection

Dryer monitoring

Services related to analysis

Preparation of field-level analyses

Analysis of on-site machine data, consultation

Satellite-based site analysis

Machine combination optimization

Precision machine-operation data analysis

Expert check

Drone data analysis

Satellite-based yield-map generation

Preparation of a profitability map