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The KITE Precision Farming System (“PGR”) is a multi-element service package that provides a comprehensive model for a particular crop, compensates deficiencies in existing models, or provides IT support for existing models based on partial or complete validated data. Its elements can be used together or in various combinations, allowing independent use for partners, or use as a service. t provides a platform for various approaches, decision-preparation methodology and the development of operational support that will enable your farm to meet the demands of agriculture in the 21 st century.



Besides conventional control units, tractors and agricultural equipment, data collection devices and sensors are also of great importance today. These collect data periodically or continuously on your machines, machine systems and field, and on the related environmental impact. A basic prerequisite for precision farming is a tractor that meets the relevant technical and agronomic requirements. This means that the tractor communicates, via an ISOBUS connection, with the precision equipments to control and collect data from them.


In precision farming, a wealth of measurement results is available thanks to the sensors in modern machines. We need to turn them into data and then into valuable information to exploit their potential. After appropriate cleaning and processing, the data are published through various apps using GIS and other IT systems. These apps, developed by KITE, help our partners to access and display information quickly, clearly, and easily, and thus make the decisions they need to make in order to manage their farming business effectively.


KITE provides consultancy services to help farmers address the challenges of the 21st century. It brings the latest international innovations to them, helping to improve its partners’ profitability and their sustainable farm management by integrating these into everyday practice and applying them systematically. Our complex consultancy system handles the agronomic and technical conditions in an integrated manner, as the success of the farm is determined by the weakest element, which is why we employ agronomic, technical and IT experts to advise farmers on how to achieve additional income from their operations.


Choosing the right systems with our PGR consultant

To optimize resources, our consultants will help you at the outset to choose the right tractor and equipment, input materials and decision-support applications for precision farming.

Setting up accesses and start of use of the system

For data security, a unique ID code is set for each of our PGR partners. Once the services have been activated, our partners will receive detailed training on how to use the system.

Daily use, additional services are available

Our partners can count on the help of our consultants when using the system on a daily basis. In order to meet your needs as and when they arise, we help you to select and professionally implement the most appropriate additional services.


To get the benefits of the PGR, contact us for more information and make the best use of what the system has to offer!