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Nutrient management advisory

Can be used with PGR access

Besides providing specialist consultancy, KITE’s nutrient management system was designed from the start to meet the needs of precision farming. Each calculation, starting from yield prediction, is carried out at the level of 10x10 meter cells starting with the definition of the planned yield, because in order to properly estimate the plant nutrient uptake as the most important element of the balance and finally make the right economic decision, you need an end-to-end system of consultation services based on precision approach.

What is the app for?

How is the use of KITE’s Nutrient Management app different from other balance-based consultancy systems?

We need to assess the heterogeneity of the field not only in terms of soil properties, but also in terms of the spatial distribution of productivity within the field. Why is this very important? In nutrient management, the amount of nutrients extracted by the crop is adjusted to take into account the nutrient supply capacity of the soil and the efficiency of the nutrients to be applied with the fertilizer. If the planned yield differs significantly from the actual productivity, the calculation is fundamentally flawed and too much or too little fertilizer is applied to the field.

As the behavior of the various nutrients in soil differ, the nutrient supply capacity of the soil and the performance of fertilizers are affected by different soil properties for each nutrient. The distribution of these soil properties within a field can only be determined by georeferenced sampling that is representative of the field heterogeneity.

Although the average size of the soil sampling zones is 2.5-3 ha, the Nutrient Management app does not reduce the resolution of the predicted yield map, which is prepared at a much higher resolution (0.01 ha), to the resolution of the soil sampling zones, but assigns the corresponding soil analysis result to each 10x10m cell, therefore accuracy is not degraded in the subsequent steps.


precision nutrient management system

The development of the PGR nutrient management module has, following the decades-long tradition of KITE Zrt., resulted in a professionally sound, yet flexible app that meets new challenges.

Provides the highest resolution precision planning available
in nutrient management

The 10x10 meter cell size used to determine the yield target is maintained throughout the calculation process, resulting in the most accurate nutrient requirement map available today.

Integrates available information
on topography, soil, and vegetation

Soil sampling based on detailed topographic and productivity information from the field, combined with the evaluation of the predicted yield calculated from the long-term NDVI, is an essential part of modern precision planning.


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