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KITE is pioneering in precision farming in Hungary. Our proprietary agrometeorological network, with nationwide coverage, now includes nearly 600 stations, continuously providing farmers with accurate agrometeorological data. Our app makes this data easily accessible anytime, anywhere. Throughout the development of the system, we continuously consult with our partners to ensure that every aspect of the system serves their real needs with reliable and accurate data. minden elemében az ő valós igényeiket szolgálja ki megbízható és pontos adatokkal.

What is the app for?

The app is the center of the KITE agrometeorological network. The app gives you easy access to the following precision agriculture data from measuring stations across the country:

  • Precipitation
  • Wind speed and wind direction
  • Air temperature and humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Global irradiation
  • Leaf wetness
  • Soil temperature and soil moisture at several depths

When developing the application our aim was to create an intuitive, fast, and easy-to-use app that is optimized for smartphones and tablets and that can also be used as a widget. This gives our partners access to the most up-to-date data, even directly on the field, which is now essential for informed and efficient farming. This enables them to make the best possible decisions in relation to their farming operations.


Although the app provides free access to national network data, its real usefulness will become obvious when you start using it to access data generated on your own fields. This requires the installation of a dedicated agrometeorological base station.

Your own weather station

With a weather station installed on your own field, you will not only have access to agrometeorological data for your land, but also to historical data and download options in a variety of formats. The dedicated base station also acts as a router, so it can be expanded with additional sensors in its vicinity, and can therefore also serve as a collection center for additional measurements in the microclimate of the crop. The station has a separate battery and solar power supply to ensure continuous operation all year round. It is easy to install even without any major expertise, but you can also request installation from us and we have a nationwide service network to assist you. All devices are equipped with theft alarms and tracking devices.


Your own field data,
retrievable and downloadable

You can work from the data that matters most to you, and analyze it retrospectively as well.

Makes farming operations
more plannable

You can choose the ideal time for the jobs you need to do, taking into account the meteorological conditions.

It plays an important role
in plant protection

You can get early warning of threats to your plants, so you can protect them effectively against pests and pathogens.


Can be extended to include
additional sensors

This enables the station to collect additional data from its environment.

Easy to setup and maintain but
also available with installation service

Easy to install and service, both of which can also be requested from us.

Protected by motion alert
and GPS beacon

These provide effective protection for weather stations installed in open areas.


To get the benefits of the PGR, contact us for more information and make the best use of what the system has to offer!