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Can be used with PGR access

Precision farming data in one place. In the process of precision farming, a large amount of data is uploaded and produced as a result of automated processes. To organize this information and bring it all together in one place, we have created a dedicated platform. Here you can view the data items separately or grouped together, both in table and diagram form. It is also possible to search and filter the data. The app is available on both a mobile and a web platform.

What is the app for?

The Reports app summarizes the farm-related data. The app gives you easy access to the following precision agriculture information:

  • Summary of farm-related data
  • Field data
  • Soil data
  • Nutrient calculations
  • Planned fertilization technologies
  • Prescription maps
  • Summary of meteorological data
  • Maps

Our goal during development was to create a fast and easy-to-use app that allows you to display both map layers and farm management data at the spreadsheet level. We have integrated a number of filters into the platform to make it easier to find data. A big advantage of the app is that all data is collected in one place, so you can see the results of laboratory tests on your fields and their condition, or the amount of natural fertilizer needed for fertilization, with just a few clicks.


Your own land data,
retrievable and downloadable

You can work from the data that matters most to you, and analyze it retrospectively as well.

Makes farming operations
more plannable

You can choose the ideal time for the jobs you need to do, taking into account the natural conditions.

Can play an important role in
plant protection

You can get early warning of threats to your plants, so you can protect them effectively against pests and pathogens.


To get the benefits of the PGR, contact us for more information and make the best use of what the system has to offer!