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Plant protection

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Over the past decades, the European Union has moved towards environmentally conscious, sustainable farming, one of the key aspects of which is the reduced use of pesticides. Compliance with this is greatly assisted by our plant protection forecasting, which allows these interventions to be carried out not only in a timely manner, but also in accordance with the necessity and sufficiency principle. In Hungary, Decree 43/2010 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FVM) on Plant Protection prescribes the practice of integrated plant protection, pest monitoring and forecasting.

What is the app for?

A constant challenge in crop production is to protect crops from pests and pathogens. The plant protection app allows farmers to find out about the current pest situation in the four main field crops (corn, wheat, sunflower and oilseed rape) with just a few clicks.

KITE’s PGR Plant Protection app is an infographic platform that allows you to quickly access information on the latest pest situation. The site also contains up-to-date pesticide recommendations for pest control, and provides access to the official pesticide database of the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih). The aim of the app is to inform farmers in time about the appearance of pests, so that they can prepare for control in time, taking into account local conditions.


Can play an important role in organizing plant protection activities

You can get early warning of threats to your plants, so you can protect them effectively against pests and pathogens.

Can be used in conjunction
with data from agrometeorological stations

May be used in combination with agro-meteorological station data, and the time of protection can be properly scheduled.

Also useful
in eco-friendly farming

It provides assistance to eco-friendly farmers in timing the application of beneficial organisms.


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