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Rental of technology services and precision tractors and equipment

Technology Service

In 2019, KITE launched the “Technology Service” with the aim of introducing, alongside rental services covering – with the exception of harvesting and crop care machines – the entire range of technological equipment, certain key related services for the partner companies, thereby providing support in achieving as efficient a use as possible of the capacity inherent in the land cultivated by the partners and in the machines themselves.

When designing and selecting the machinery, the most important criteria were that they should be available for KITE's partners and that they should be suitable for performing precisionfarming. As part of the Technology Service, KITE provides a complex technical service that includes, in addition to tractors and equipment, an operator with machine-specific expertise and technical know-how, as well as a consultancy service.

Carrying out a specific technological operation can indirectly contribute – through appropriate cooperation between the consultancy, agronomic and technical departments (to include machinery, spare parts and maintenance, etc.) – to achieving better results on our partner's farms and thus to a higher overall revenue from farming operations.

The assembled technical systems are suitable for executing a full range of precision tasks. This requires a better knowledge about the fields and a precision soil analysis, based on zone sampling, the results of which and the correlation between the results will give us a nutrient supply capacity map. Productivity map that, in combination with the zone map, can be used to apply precision-related consultancy in the given area, e.g. with regard to optimal machine operation, planting technology, tillage, lime application, variable planting and fertilization.

The complete technological line consists of systems for the following: inland water drainage, fertilizer and lime application, strip-tilling, planting and row cultivation. Most machines can only be used with an operator and a tractor. Exceptions to this are the mounted (RAUCH Axis 30.2) and the trailed fertilizer spreader (RAUCH Axent 100.1) with a capacity of almost 10 tones, which can also spread lime.

We provide farmers with an application map requiring a preliminary survey to accompany the fertilizer spreader. This unique new service is available throughout the country through the consultancy network of KITE’s Directorate for Priority Services.

Machine rental service

In addition to the operator-assisted machine combinations available through the Technology Service, KITE also offers the rental of market-leading agricultural machines – without an operator – such as John Deere and JCB. The fleet, consisting of tractors, combines, telehandlers, and precision farming equipment, is constantly expanding and adapting to market needs.

There’s always a time when you need extra capacity in addition to your own machines in order to get the job done on time.

A machine breakdown during season can be a nightmare, but it can also be a headache for farmers if all they need is a more powerful tractor or even an extra machine for a short period of time.

KITE offers a solution for these cases.

Current rental fleet:

  • 34 John Deere tractors (120 to 370 hp)
  • 14 John Deere combines (W, T and S series) + headers
  • 35 JCB telescopic handlers + attachments

We offer a standard machine rental service for those who need to make up for a temporary lack of capacity on their farm, or who wish to test a machine for an extended period before deciding whether to buy one, or who have decided to postpone such a purchase.

With this service you can use tractors, loaders, and harvesters in a “keys-only” rental arrangement (i.e., without an operator), but if you do need a machine operator, we can provide you with one. The machines can also be rented with specialized technical equipment to enable them to carry out the appropriate operations in precision farming.

By designing the right machine combinations and adjusting the machine combinations appropriately, we can optimize the tractors while reducing fuel consumption, and thus increase the yield.

From the machines rented at KITE, using John Deere’s JDLinkTM and JCB LiveLinkTM telematics systems, besides determining the machines’ operating hours and fuel levels, we are able to provide real-time location identification, create maintenance reports and alerts, conduct downtime reporting, and create fuel consumption reports and real-time fault alerts.

The safe and efficient operation of our machines is ensured by our nationwide service network and our highly trained staff of professionals, which guarantees the quality of our rental machine service.

Our aim is to constantly adapt to change and provide our partners with options that enable them to cost-effectively solve the tasks they need to perform. However, we also believe it is important to ensure that our partners are satisfied with our services and that mutual trust is built over the long term.

Our related services

  • Tractor and implement optimization
  • Planter calibration
  • Operator training
  • Daily, monthly, seasonal, and annual machine operation reports
  • Ballasting recommendation
  • Detailed machine analysis
  • Physical scaling of equipment
  • Support hotline
  • Operational forecast


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